Scotland's Cancer Action Plan

Better Cancer Care, an Action Plan was launched by the Scottish Government in 2008. It sets out the Scottish Government's commitment to improving and harmonising cancer services in Scotland. The Action Plan spells out actions to improve the prevention and detection of cancers, and to ensure cancer patients receive the highest quality diagnosis, referral, treatment and support.

The Scottish Cancer Coalition played a key role in the development of the Action Plan, providing the Scottish Government with collective views and feedback on what is required in Scotland to support people living with and beyond Scotland.

The Coalition continually monitors the implementation of the Action Plan and provides feedback to the Scottish Government on areas of success and where there is need for improvement. The Coalition has a seat on the Scottish Cancer Taskforce, the group tasked with overseeing the overall delivery of the Action Plan. The Coalition is also represented by member organisations on the various sub-groups taking forward specific areas of action.

Scottish Cancer Coalition Priorities

The Scottish Cancer Coalition welcomes the work of the Scottish Cancer Taskforce in progressing the aims of Better Cancer Care since 2008 and we look forward to seeing continued momentum in the areas where improvements are already underway.

There are, however, a number of other important areas for which less progress has been made to date.

The Scottish Cancer Coalition regularly updates ourPriorities Paper to reflect where we think progress has been made, and setting out the issues where we want to see a renewed and greater focus on as we move forward.

The Scottish Cancer CoalitionPriorities Paperis designed to be dynamic and priorities will be kept under regular review. The Paper is next due to be reviewed in summer 2013.